Facials – what are they and what are the benefits?

Facials benefit us both emotionally and physically. After a facial one can  visibly improve their appearance and texture of the skin, and facials can slow down the aging process if done on  regular basis.   It places one in a relaxed setting and reduces the everyday stresses why feeling squeaky clean.

What is done in a facial-

Deep cleansing which  rids the skin of impurities, grime, excess oil, make-up to prevent clogged and blocked pores which can cause blemishes, blackheads, and can reduce enlarged pores.

Exfoliation – which removes dead skin cells to reveal new layer of skin.

Extraction – which   unblock blocked pores thereby removing blemishes, blackheads etc. and improving the aesthetic appearance of the skin.

Massage – increases delivery of fresh blood to the area and brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells so helping cell repair and renewal.  It also relaxes the recipient due to increased blood flow.  By speeding up the flow of blood through the veins and helping to remove metabolic waste the tone and appearance of skin is improved.

Face masks  application encourage relaxation, stimulate circulation of blood bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin cells;  hydrating the face ,  nourishes and smoothest the skin bringing plentiful hydration.

Moisturizing – Keeping the faced moistureized creates a protective barrier on the skin to seal in skin’s natural moisture and protect it from the outside environment and does not allow it dry out which causes wrinkles.

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